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Project: Contemporary extension and re-furbishment
Location: Chelsea, London

Layzell Architects were appointed to analyse, assess and propose a way of making better use of the ground floor of this London townhouse. The brief was clear; more natural light, better flow and an improved kitchen design were needed.

The proposal is to construct a single storey, rear extension with a winter garden. The aim is to increase the quality of indoor spaces and outdoor areas through the creation of a contemporary design which has a strong dialogue with the existing building.

Upon analysing the site, a sun study was carried out to ascertain the amount of light that currently penetrates the building’s envelope and illuminates the ground floor. A design was developed that encouraged more natural light into the building. Thin, elegant steel frames ‘hook’ onto the inside of the existing building supporting a glazed roof that allows light to pour into the space transforming the existing building and creating a wonderful light family home.

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